Impact Report

Annual Impact Report

How are you going to tell your donors the story of 2020?

How are you planning to tell your funders what difference you made in the world in 2020? 
Your annual report doesn’t have to be pages long but it must be good enough to convince your supporters that you are worth funding; and good enough to tell your story throughout 2021 – in print, on the web and with every email you send.
Maybe something like this:

How will this benefit you?


This 2020 Annual Impact Report Template will do all that for you because it was developed by a team who’s done it successfully many times before. We’ve included all the components that donors – and prospective donors – want to know about how you advanced your mission in 2020. 

We’ll edit and produce it for you in three formats: ready for print, for the web and for your emails. 

All you have to do is know who you are and what you want to say. We do the rest. 

Let us help you create an Annual Impact Report that tells your donors your story of 2020 when they most need to know it. Then take it to every meeting, add it to every report and request for renewal, and to every email you send in 2021. 

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